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Why is my child with ASD a picky eater?
Most parents are concerned with their child’s eating habits, and having a child with autism seems to only increase these worries. Some of the kids we provide care to only want to eat a certain food (like a specific brand of chicken nuggets), or refuse to eat anything…
What are the benefits of an early intervention program for children with developmental delays?

“Early Intervention” describes the services that are available to very young children with developmental delays. These supports may include ABA therapy, speech therapy, and physical therapy (amongst others), and are based on the specific needs of the child. Early…

What makes early intervention programs “worth it”?
What kinds of children would see the most benefits from early intervention? Although there is no known cure for Autism, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy can significantly help to offset many of its accompanying symptoms. The benefits of beginning a structured…
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